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Know more about origin of the Christmas tree and how decorated Christmas tree became a part of festivities.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Christmas tree has always been looked upon as a marvelous thing by kids and adults alike. It reminds us of the evergreen trees covered with snow that sparkle like silver in moon light, when the sky is clear. Christmas tree, perhaps, has its origin in the Vikings from North Europe, who took evergreen trees as an inspiration to struggle on with life, during winters and as a reminder that spring season will soon come again. Many Pagan festivals used Christmas trees and later, they were imbibed into Christian festivals too.

The custom of decorating Christmas trees during the festival of Christmas came from England and France during the ancient times, when Druids used to decorate oak trees with candles and fruits at the time of their harvest festivals. Ancient Romans too are known to decorate trees during Saturnalia - their harvest festival - with trinkets. German Christians were the first to incorporate Christmas trees in their homes. At places, where trees were not so readily available, they used wooden pyramids as artificial Christmas trees.

The first known Christmas tree that came into limelight was the one decorated by Prince Albert of English Royalty, who decorated his tree with candies and gingerbread along with candles and fruits. German immigrants brought the custom from Europe to America and by 1800s, it had become a household craze. Ancient Christmas tree ornaments included cookies, popcorn, apples and nuts. Today, Christmas tree holds a special significance of Christmas and is an inevitable part of the festival.

Artificial Christmas Tree
Gone are the days, when artificial Christmas trees were considered inferior to their real counterparts. Today, with the increase in competition and demand for readymade trees, artificial Christmas trees are flocking the markets, during the festive season. A wide variety of the product is available in the stores, which expands the option of the consumers.

How to Buy Christmas Tree
Buying Christmas tree is one of the most important things to do during the holiday season. This is due to the fact that Christmas tree makes an inevitable part of the festival. Decorating Christmas tree on the occasion is a good old tradition, followed since ages. With the passing time, a wide variety of trees is available in the stores, adding to the confusion of the buyers.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
When the holiday season of Christmas is round the corner, people would indulge themselves in the full-fledged preparations of the festival. Since Christmas tree plays a pivotal role in the celebrations of the festival, the decorations of the home and premises are centered on it.

Christmas Tree Disposal
After a week-long celebrations of Christmas, it is the time to take off the lights and dispose off the tree. Christmas tree is traditionally taken down on the 'Twelfth Night' (January 6). It may sound painful to dispose the beautifully adorned Christmas tree, which graced your premises for many days. However, according to the customs

Garland Decoration For Christmas Tree
Christmas tree is decorated in a number of ways. During the festive season of Christmas, it is customary to find every Christian household to have a Christmas tree beautifully decorated, either indoors or outdoors. People come up with a number of innovative ideas, with a view to make their tree look unique and the best.

Christmas Tree History
There is no concrete evidence regarding the history of the Christmas tree and everyone seems to be having a version of his or her own. It is normally believed that the origin of the Christmas tree started from the Pagan tradition. As per the historical records, the Pagans considered evergreen trees as deities, since they remained green throughout the year

Christmas Tree Storage
If you want to reuse your Christmas tree for the next couple of years, then you would have to store it properly, so that unwanted damages are avoided. All the efforts you took to decorate the tree will go waste, if it is not stored properly. In addition to this, you need to consider many things, while deciding the space used to store it.

Christmas Tree Lights
Once again the Christmas season is back and everyone seems to be excited about the celebrations. For centuries, Christmas tree has been the centre of Christmas decorations. Not only it adds festive spirit to the festival, but also gives an opportunity to indulge in some merriment time with family members.

Christmas Tree Ornaments
The wondrous festival of Christmas is celebrated across the world with immense gaiety and fervor on the 25th of December. The day marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. Such is the enthusiasm of the festival that it is commemorated not just by the Christian community,

Christmas Tree Topper
It's that time of the year again when people wrap up all their work and begin preparing for the most important festival of the year - Christmas. Yup, it's holiday season again and time for lots of fun, music, gifts, decorations, and feasts. Christmas is a holy festival, celebrated by the Christian community, by and large,

Christmas Tree Tradition
The ever famous and the evergreen Christmas trees have been adorning the beauty of many Christmas seasons since as long as one can remember. Whole generations have passed through in between who probably have never heard a Christmas without a Christmas tree being set up in the house and decorated with

Modern Christmas Tree Decorations
It's Christmas, and the time to rejoice in the Lord is here. The day of Christmas, the days preceding and proceeding it are celebrated across the world with much joyousness and enthusiasm. However, while the basics of it are still intact, Christmas has come a long way from being a traditional way of spending the

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas
Christmas time has come and the frivolities and festivities of the festival are already on the surface. Everyone can be seen getting busy with the Christmas decorations and celebration preparations. One of the first things that every one looks forward to in the context of Christmas preparation is the Christmas tree.

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations
Place a pine tree beside a bland and plain Christmas tree. Do you find any difference? Probably not! And how would you? After all, they both are pine trees. A tree isn't a Christmas tree unless it is adorned with decorations. Embellishing the Christmas tree is one of the most significant highlights of the festive season,

Christmas Tree Maintenance
Christmas is a religious day, which offers a great opportunity of making merry and having great fun. People celebrate Christmas as a birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, whose teachings are believed to be the foundation of Christianity. The most popular customs include, attending church, singing carols, exchanging gifts, merry making and sharing meals with family and friends along with decorating Christmas trees

Nativity Fast
Nativity Fast is observed by Eastern Catholic Churches, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Orthodox in anticipation of the Nativity of Christ. The Fast extends over a period of 40 days, beginning November 15, till December 24. This fasting is one of the four fasting followed by the churches annually. The Nativity Fast is also sometimes known as Philip's Fast since it usually starts after the Feast of St. Philip. According to Eastern