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Badalisc, a popular Christmas character from Italy, came into existence in the 16th century and became very famous. Scroll further for more information on this Italian Christmas character.


Have you ever heard about character of Christmas, Badalisc? Considered to be a mythological character whose origins lie in Val Camonica, Italy, Badalisc belongs to the southern central Alps. This scamp is believed to have a very unusual appearance with a big head, two horns, a gigantic mouth and bright shining eyes. It is said to wear goat skin to cover his entire body. During Christmas, while the annual town festival is being held, the person dressed like Badalisc is seized and brought to the town. Towards the end of the festival, the creature is released and people eagerly wait for the ceremony next year. Though Badalisc reveals the gossips of the community and annoys everyone, its main aim is to prevent people from performing bad deeds. This ritual is quite similar to that of Bosinada, Bosinade or Businade, which is a satirical performance of a prose, song or poetry. Right from the 16th century, this ritual has been performed throughout northern Italy.

Badalisc - Legends & Myths
So, everybody, be careful and stay away from intentionally indulging in an ill-deed or else, you would hear Badalisc blurt it before the entire community.