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Belsnickel is a prominent figure which cannot be missed out while listing the various characters associated with Christmas. Read more for this German Christmas character.


Belsnickel, the fur-clad gift-bringing figure associated with Christmas, is known by several other names like Kriskinkle, Beltznickle and even as Xmas Woman in some cases. Though this German-origin figure, mostly regarded as male, has a spooky appearance with a long tongue and infuriating features, Belsnickel is said to be Saint Nicholas's companion and does no harm to good people. Children are scared of this mysterious character because he is believed to thump naughty children for their wicked behavior. During his customary visits, he carries a sack full of goodies and scatters them on the floor. The delighted children pick up their treats while the naughty ones receive thrashing. He makes an appearance on 6th of December before children who eagerly wait for their judgment and promise to improve the coming year. This legendary figure accompanies Santa Claus in some areas of Europe as well as the small Dutch communities of Pennsylvania. His arrival is not always looked forward to with joy rather, children fear him most as he appears as a warning for the naughty kids. Scroll further to read more about him!

Belsnickel - Legends & Myths
Considered to be a legendary figure, Belsnickel accompanies Santa in certain parts of Europe and in some small Dutch communities of Pennsylvania as well.