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Tio de Nadal is the famous Christmas log that children across the world are absolutely crazy about. Read on to know all the customs associated with Tio de Nadal.

Tio de Nadal

You must have seen the images of Tio de Nadal. This Christmas figure is made from a dead long log and has a smiling face painted on it to make it look like a real character. It is accessorized based on the creativity and is presented in a striking manner. The Christmas log is often loved by the children and is given food and blankets, to survive the chilling cold night. Children on Christmas Eve sing songs related Tio de nadal or Caga Tio. Though Tio de Nadal does not drop huge presents, the ones dropped are supposed to be shared among all. Interested to know more? Right from the making of Tio de Nadal, till the end of Christmas, children have great fun. They eagerly wait for the gifts and share them with everyone. Read more to gather all the information about the mythological character and learn about its significance.

Tio de Nadal Features
Tio de Nadal has been an important figure in Christmas celebrations. All the details about this popular Christmas figure have been encompassed in the lines above.