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Christmas in July is basically a celebration held in July month with a Christmas theme. Learn more about July Christmas celebrations in the following write up.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a celebration held in July month with a Christmas theme. This celebration, as a festive occasion, is believed to have been developed as a marketing tool in western countries, such as USA and Canada, where summer months, particularly July, remain dry with no major national holiday, except 4th July in US. Onset of hot weather, coupled with no holiday season, leaves people with no option but to crave for cool weather and some fun which reminds them of Christmas time in winter. They miss the holiday spirit and the gift-exchange with the near and dear ones. Some also believe that Christmas in July is celebrated as an excuse to have a get-together with family and friends. However, regardless of its origin, people today celebrate Christmas in July by throwing parties, imitating Christmas celebration by singing Christmas carol, wearing Santa Claus costumes, distributing gifts and binging on delectable dishes.


Christmas in July is celebrated with lots of fun. Here are some of ideas and activities you can indulge in this festive occasion.

Christmas Theme
Make the most of July Christmas celebrations by mimicking the common Christmas decorations. Hang life-size Santa Claus near the door. Your guest will love to see Santa greeting them. Adorn your house with wreaths, candy canes, hollies, bells and candles. Surprise your guest by trying out something different, say writing names of guests on a strip of paper and attaching it to candles, bells etc. Put Christmas carols on to uphold the spirit of Christmas celebration.

Activities For Children
Children are the most excited lot. They simply can't wait to have some fun and celebration. Give them fun activities such as water balloon fights and water guns. Form a group of children and sing Christmas carols for the elders in your neighborhood. This not only instills the spirit of Christmas in young children but also helps them to know the meaning of Christmas.

Binge On Cookies
Christmas in July celebration is not complete without Christmas cookies and other lip-smacking Christmas delights. Prepare Christmas cookies and sugar cookies shaped like bells, stars, Santa Claus and/or reindeers. Serve the guests with the best of your Christmas cookies, candies, chocolate and beverages to spread the fake, yet surprisingly real, Christmas fervor.

Play Games
Invite your guests to play some exciting Santa games. Ask each of your guests to bring a box of gift and write his or her name in the corner of the box. Place these gift boxes in one bag and ask everyone to pick a box from the bag. Everyone will be excited to know whose gift they got.

Christmas in July is a way to forget the irrepressible heat of summer and re-live the cold winter Christmas time of the year. Despite marketing agenda of business enterprises, Christmas in July comes as an effective way to bring family and friends closer to each other.