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The history of angels dates back to the time of the birth of Jesus. Explore the article to get information on the significance of Christmas angels.

Christmas Angels

Angels form a significant part of Christmas legends. In Greek, the word 'angel' means messengers. In the popular Christmas stories, angels are the messengers of God, who played a prominent part in the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. They are personified as heavenly creatures with a pair of wings and a halo. The wings symbolize immortality, virtue, peace, love, cleanliness and innocence, while the halo is the symbol of their native to heaven. Many fairy tales and bedtime stories are centered on them and their good deeds done to humankind. Read on to know more about Christmas angels.

The history of Christmas angels finds its mention in the New Testament, according to which, angels are categorized into nine ranks, Seraphim and Cherubim holding the top ranks. Saint Michael, an archangel, is regarded as the head of all angels. According to the legends, every human being has his/her own guardian angel, which protects him/her from evil spirits. Angels were perceived as per the Christian doctrine only around 1100-1200 AD. The heavenly creature plays a significant role in Christianity.

According to the popular story of Christmas, angels told Joseph to marry Virgin Mary. Angel Gabriel served as the messenger of the God, who brought the glad news to Virgin Mary about her being chosen as the mother Jesus Christ. Therefore, Gabriel is regarded as a Christmas angel. The Christmas angels also spread the news of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Legends say that angels looked over, as Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, when she was bearing the holy child.

When angels came to know about the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, they sang serenade for the newborn baby. They were assigned by the Go to fly closer to earth and sing a melodious song, which was heard in the heavens and throughout the earth. The angels were ecstatic, when they came to know about the birth of Jesus. As per the story, a Christmas angel spread the news of the birth of the Son of God, to the shepherds. Hence, angels have acquired a significant position in the stories and legends connected to Christmas.

When Christmas is round the corner, angels virtually appear everywhere. It is believed that the Christmas angels fill the air with festivity. They are with the human beings, to protect them throughout the festive season. Small children are told bedtime stories, depicting the goodness of angels and their divine relation with human beings. Apart from the fairy tales, angels feature in manger, which depicts the Nativity Scene. The heavenly creatures can be seen in embellishments used for tree as well. Christmas angels are adored by almost every one and are especially liked by small children.