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For people, Christmas has long been associated with Santa Claus and gifts. Little is known about the driving force behind it all, the mystery of the leading lady in red or Mrs. Santa Claus. Scroll down for more.

Mrs. Santa Claus

Little is known about Mrs. Claus who, in vivid imagination, is seen baking cookies with the help of her house elves in a cozy, dainty kitchen somewhere in their North Pole abode. As Santa Claus's wife, Mrs. Claus has been imagined as a stout woman, a little on the heavier side, with grey hair and spectacles. Illustrations of Mrs. Claus as a cheerful woman have been produced several times to the public. She is also portrayed as a gift-giver in traditional American customs during Christmas. A shadowed figure in popular Christmas folklore, Mrs. Claus was created by James Rees in the year 1849 and also appeared in Katherine Lee Bates's poem 'Goody Santa Claus' in the year 1889. Many films, books, operas and comics have been written about Mrs. Claus since. There have been many disputes on the first name of Mrs. Claus. Some have argued over Jessica and Gertrude. Read on to unravel the fascinating mystery about Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus has been mentioned on more than one occasion after her inception in the year 1849 by James Rees in the story 'A Christmas Legend'. She was then mentioned in the Yale Literary magazine in the year 1851, which was followed by a Christmas musical, and in Harper's magazine in the years 1854 and 1862 respectively. She was then brought out for the first time in the children's book "Lill in Santa Claus Land and other stories". Mrs. Claus was well known by then, though her existence still loomed in the shadows of other important, Christmas idols. Finally, in the year 1889, she was given prominence by Katherine Lee Bates in a poem entitled 'Goody Santa Claus'.

Mrs. Clause was popularized as the woman who accompanied Santa on his sleigh to deliver toys to the children. She is known to have lived during the early middle ages with Santa and was given the name 'Goody' which meant a good wife who took care of the house and Santa Claus. It is also widely believed that Mrs. Claus, on various occasions, decided to stay back in the North Pole, when Santa travelled around the world, just baking gingerbread houses or cookies, decorating Christmas trees and spending valuable time with her dear house elves who would keep her company.

People mostly agree unanimously on Mrs. Claus's character. It was agreed, that since Santa Claus was a jolly character, his wife would be no different. She has been portrayed as an elderly woman, with white hair, spectacles and a red outfit with white fur trimmings. She was made to look like the perfect, caring wife who would wrap a scarf around Santa Claus every year, before he embarked on his long Christmas journey.

Mrs. Claus's role may have been overshadowed by the other important aspects of Christmas, but nothing can take away her pedestal as the woman in red waiting, on a night of celebration, for her husband to return from his long journey. The image is complete with her making cookies in the backdrop of a cozy fireplace, and jolly elves.