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Although Christmas is all about goodwill and holiday spirit, pranksters and vandals all over the globe try to destroy the nativity scenes and commit baby Jesus theft. Read on for more on this gross vandalism.

Baby Jesus Theft

Baby Jesus theft refers to the burglary of Infant Jesus figurines from static creche displays in public places and from homes. This is probably the only setback of the Christmas season. There are a few sadistic souls who look to vandalize the nativity scenes that are erected with so much of sentimental and religious value. A few of these pranksters are even known to have dismembered these figurines and replaced them with 'satanic' figures or omens. Some of the nativity scene creche's have been destroyed beyond recovery. There are a lot of security measures that have been strictly enforced and put into place today. These are used to protect public nativity scenes and also to guard homes with the help of CCTV's. No one has really understood the motive behind such ridiculous acts but security officials understand the impact of such vandalism and stay on guard to safeguard the timeless traditions that we associate with a happy Christmas.

Nativity Scenes Vandalism

Theft History
There have been various incidents where vandals have stolen Baby Jesus models or even left with an entire nativity scene! The first of such vandalism attacks happened in a Methodist Church in Pennsylvania where the Baby Jesus figure was stolen and replaced with a pumpkin of around the same size. This caused a lot of angst and there was a rise in these thefts thereafter. Some figurines are even victims of racial slurs and are defaced and dismembered before being recovered by officials. A few other thefts happened around Stony Point, Eureka Springs and in Illinois. These thefts were enough to get the whole world started on these acts of crime.

Theft And Television
Some of these inhuman acts of thievery have been documented and aired on television to let the world know of such occurrences. In a popular television series known as "Dragnet", a scene in the series depicted how the police were trying to solve the mystery of the missing Baby Jesus from a nativity scene display. The episode also shows how the people decide to celebrate Christmas without the Baby Jesus figurine and continue with the other festivities. The Baby Jesus sculpture is then brought back to its place.

Security Measures
There are various security measures that are put into effect to defend the nativity scenes from being wrecked. Surveillance cameras, CCTVs and theft alarms are now installed in most, public nativity scenes areas. Those at home wanting to protect their nativity scenes and Baby Jesus figures from being stolen are also slowly adapting to precautionary measures of installing cameras and alarms around the house.

There are a few people who believe in and work towards anti-religious sentiments and look to destroy and vandalize symbols of festivity and good spirit. If you would like to safeguard and defend your homes from probable thievery, you will have to resort to safety measures and a low-key or well-protected nativity scene display during Christmas. With this in place, you are ready to celebrate Christmas against any sort of threat or pilfering. The idea is to have a happy and safe Christmas.