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Chrismukkah means celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah together in interfaith homes.


Chrismukkah is a blend of two holidays, namely Christmas, celebrated by Christians, and Hanukkah, celebrated by followers of Judaism. Chrismukkah is mainly popularized in interfaith households, where parents belong to both Christian and Judaism faiths. Both Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations occur in December, making it easier to blend these two celebrations in interfaith households. Chrismukkah represents the spirit of mutual respect and shared grounds rather than differences. It is a melting pot for two faiths and ensures harmonious co-existence of two faiths in a family. Children growing up in interfaith households develop strong sense of inter-communal harmony as they imbibe the beliefs of both the faiths. Chrismukkah is a noble way to instill both the elements of Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations in interfaith households. The interfaith families celebrate Chrismukkah with great enthusiasm, fanfare and gaiety. They decorate their homes by incorporating symbols and elements of both the traditions and invite their friends and relatives during this festive occasion.

Christmas & Hanukkah
Chrismukkah is celebrated with much religious fervor and gaiety. Family gatherings and get-togethers with friends are main features of Chrismukkah celebration.

Chrismukkah Decorations
Like any other festive occasion, home decoration is an integral part of Chrismukkah celebration. People usually decorate their homes weeks before the festival. They take great pleasure in decorations which blend two traditions. Their homes are done up with Christmas stockings along with the Jewish Star of David with multitude of colors on display, green and red as Christmas symbols and white and blue for Hanukkah. They decorate their homes with ornaments, lights, menorahs, dreidels and Chrismukkah cards.

Celebrating Chrismukkah Together
Hosting a Chrismukkah party forms an important part of Chrismukkah festive rituals. The families invite friends and relatives for get-togethers and dinner. Delectable foods are served for the guests, like potato latkes and stuffed mushrooms for appetizers, prime rib for the main course dish and stuffed cabbage and kugel as side dishes with Hanukkah and Christmas cookies and fruit cakes for dessert. Gifts are also exchanged with chocolates and ornaments being most popular Chrismukkah items. The families incorporate and present both the traditions in their own unique way.

Exciting Activities For Children
There are number of fun activities for children during Chrismukkah celebration. The activities can be classified, keeping in mind the age group of children. Searching for Hanukkah gelt, candy canes or playing dreidel game and singing Chrismukkah carol in neighborhood are some of the activities that children indulge in during Chrismukkah fest.

The Chrismukkah celebration is often marked with family get together, feasting on delectable food and merriment. Families of interfaith households enjoy feasting on many types of dishes and the rituals, gathering and meetings during this festival keep the spirit of both religions and occasions alive. Chrismukkah is celebrated by both Christians and Jews with much fun-fare, religious fervor and gaiety.