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Christmas Feast is the one of the highlights of the Christmas celebration. Read more to get an idea of the Christmas feast in different ages and different regions.

Christmas Feast

Christmas is celebrated to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of the mankind. This festival is celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm across the globe. It unites families and friends which reflects the true spirit of the festival as they gather at the dinner table for the scrumptious Christmas feast, which is an important constituent of the celebrations. During the Christmas feast, mouthwatering dishes are served in the finest cutlery sets and guests are treated with utmost hospitality. Though, the traditions associated with Christmas feasts differ in different countries, the essence of the celebrations remain the same. If you compare feasting traditions of the older times to those of today, you will find many striking differences. Unlike modern times, the Christmas menu was not so particular in older days. Scroll further and learn the specialties of the Christmas feast in different ages and different cultures around the world.

Significance Of Christmas Feast

Medieval Times
Christmas was celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm during the medieval times also but, there were certain differences in the Christmas feasts as compared to the modern day traditions. During those times, there weren't many food items set apart especially for Christmas. But, there was no difference in the significance that Christmas feast held even in those days. In those days, during the Christmas feast, families and friends gathered in large numbers. Be it a simple loaf of bread or ale to drink, people enjoyed each moment of the feast with hearts full of joy and enthusiasm. During the medieval times, dishes prepared with fish were particularly popular.

Modern Day Christmas Feast
Speaking of the modern day Christmas celebrations, families prepare a menu exclusively for the feast, weeks prior to the celebration.
In Slavic countries, people leave seats for guests, to honor the memory of Mary and Joseph who were looking for refuge in Bethlehem. Many cultures begin their Christmas feast after the first star appears in the sky.