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Here is a brief history of the origin and evolution of merry Christmas as a Christmas greeting. Read on and find how it came to modern day usage.

Merry Christmas Origin

This Christmas time greeting has been subjected to many disputes and conflicts. The word 'Merry', which owes its root to the Old English 'myrige', originally meant 'pleasant, and agreeable' rather than joyous or jolly. For instance, in other 'merry' phrases such as 'make merry' (circa 1300), 'Merry England' (circa 1400) and 'the merry month of May (1560s'), the word 'merry' was commonly used to mean 'pleasant, peaceful and agreeable'. Many puritanical preferred Happy Christmas over Merry Christmas including the Methodist Victorian middle-class for whom, 'merry' meant 'tipsy' or 'drunk' which obviously had a negative connotation w.r.t. Christmas celebrations. However, much of the credit for the common practice of using "Merry Christmas" goes to the famous author Charles Dickens of U.K., who popularized the phrase through his book 'A Christmas Carol'. If you wish to learn more about the evolution of the word merry in Christmas greetings then go through the following lines.

Origin Of Merry Christmas
Written above is brief account of how the phrase "Merry Christmas" came into usage. Though initially, the use of the phrase during the Christmas was much despised, today it is popular and most common in Christmas greetings.