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Read some interesting book on this Christmas! Here is a list of some Christmas books worth reading this season.

Christmas Books

Books are the most dependable partners for all time. No hobby is as beneficial as reading and it is enjoyed by both men and women. Books do not have a season; they fit any occasion. And, won't it be nice to read some Christmas stories during December, when Christmas is around the corner. You can feel the chilling weather outside, see the decorations and lights, hear the carols and indulge in reading something that can take you to a different world of Christmas. Do not get perplexed with what to read, there are lots of books which narrate stories woven in the white, beautiful background of Christmas. Most of them speak about love and goodness of relationships. What else can fit this season in which the whole world celebrates the birth of the Son of God who loved his people more than anything and is still blessing with all of us here.

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
Written by Charles Dickens, 'A Christmas Carol' is one of the best books to read in this season. The book tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a stingy and sore person who gets transformed after the visits of his partner Jacob Marley's spirit and the Ghosts of past Christmas, present Christmas and Christmas yet to come. This book has touched many hearts ever since it was published in 1843.

The Night Before Christmas - Clement Clarke Moore
Also known by the names, "The visit from St. Nicholas" and "Twas the night before Christmas", this book is essentially a poem written by Clement Clarke Moore. The poem narrates the story of a man who awakens to some noises outside his house, while his wife and children is still sleeping. He then sees St. Nicholas arriving in his reindeer-driven sleigh. To his surprise, St. Nicholas enters his house with a sack full of toys, through the chimney. St. Nicholas fills the children's stockings with gifts and goes back through the chimney wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and Good Night.

The Christmas Box - Richard Paul Evans
This is an American novel written by Richard Paul Evans, for his children. It is the story of three women and the author's family. The three women offer a part of their house for the author and his family, in exchange of some domestic help. Once, during Christmas, he discovers an elegant Christmas box and finds some personal letters inside and tries not to interrupt the women's privacy. The story develops as the women put a challenge before him to give his viewpoint about the first and most important present of Christmas and finally, he discovers the meaning of the contents.

The Christmas Tree - Julie Salamon
Entailing the story of a little girl Anna, 'The Christmas Tree' is a perpetual holiday favorite of people around the world. Anna, an orphan, lives in a convent and befriends a fir tree to escape from the loneliness. Anna calls him Tree and is very close to him, sharing the wonders of nature and unlocking the secrets of friendship. Anna grows up and became Sister Anthony. One day a winter storm comes and threatens her friend and she takes it upon herself to save it.

Mentioned above are some interesting books which narrate fascinating stories/poems with a Christmas backdrop. Explore these wonderful books this Christmas and weave a new magic around yourself!