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It is a tradition in Italy to dress up like Befana, the good witch who distributes sweets and gifts to children. Read more about La Befana of the Italian folklore.


La Befana is a popular Italian folklore character that originated in Rome. Considered as a national icon, this figure is closely associated with Papal States where Epiphany is celebrated with great importance. Though she is similar to Santa in significance, Befana is presented as a witch-like figure that holds a great status in Christmas celebrations in Italy. Her gift giving style is similar to that of Santa Claus and she, supposedly, climbs down the chimney to leave gifts for good children. She is regarded as the best housekeeper of Italy and is believed to have a habit of sweeping the floor around the chimney, every time, on her way out. In places where a vibrant Italian community exits, traditions involving Befana are observed and celebrated by other communities as well. Mostly, women and children, and sometimes even men, dress up as La Befana to sing songs in the street and give gifts to children. Scroll further to know more about her!

Befana - Legends & Myths
Till date, Befana is said to be looking for little babies and children so that she can offer gifts to all those who have been virtuous in their deeds.