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Andy Park is popularly known by the name Mr. Christmas. Learn more about Andy Park or Mr. Christmas in the following article.

Mr. Christmas

An electrician from Melksham in Wiltshire, England, Andy Park came to limelight as Mr. Christmas when he claimed that he has been celebrating Christmas, on a daily basis, since July 1993. Andy Park began celebrating Christmas every day after he was struck with bouts of sadness. He thought that he had a choice or an option to be happy and decided not to be swayed by the daily grinds of stress. To put an end to this feeling of sadness, he made an unusual choice of celebrating Christmas daily. He thus started his daily Christmas celebration by, first hanging all the Christmas decorations, then preparing Christmas dishes for dinner and relaxing with a glass of sherry to drink. This lifted his spirits, from then onwards he started celebrating Christmas every day. He became well known to people for being the only man in the world to have celebrated Christmas on daily basis and earned the title of 'Mr. Christmas' for this feat.

Mr. Christmas
Given below are some interesting facts about Andy Park aka Mr. Christmas.
Despite media speculation about Andy's claim, one thing that stands out about him is the spirit of Celebrating Christmas every day and living life fully and blissfully.