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Christmas Wedding Invitations

Christmas wedding invitations and announcements have to be carefully chosen or people will think it to be just another season greetings card. If you don't want your friends and family to accidentally get left out because they didn't think of opening your card until after the Christmas, opt for customized printed envelopes, which clearly says that it is a wedding card with the holiday-themed border with your names on it. For additional safety, use the traditional thick white card instead of the folded cards. The bordering frame can be related to Christmas by using white engraved snowflakes, holly trim, poinsettias or bells with red ribbon bow on top to represent wedding bells and tinkling Church bells of Christmas.

Sending Christmas Wedding Invitations
Send you Christmas wedding invitations and announcements early so that your friends receive them in time and do not plan something else during holidays. Make sure you send the cards at least two months prior because people start planning for Christmas Holidays since then. You can attach a small card with important dates on it to your most important guests along with the wedding invitations that they can always keep up with them, so that they don't miss the events. You can use double envelopes. A thicker outer envelope to protect the showy beautiful and more delicate and elegant inner envelope can make your wedding invitation card look elite. Formal Christmas wedding envelopes can be made of heavy parchment paper that looks as if it is handmade and thus, looks quite interesting.

Christmas Wedding Invitation Ideas