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Christmas Wedding Food

Apart from the ambience and attire, the most important part of a theme wedding is a menu. Christmas wedding party menu thus apart from the decoration and attire naturally incorporates traditional holiday season food to keep up with its theme. In this wedding, it becomes a challenge to meet up to the standards of the extravagant Christmas meals. The drinks and the meals are very much based on the menu of Christmas, however the garnishing if food is kept in concern so that you can know the difference of a Christmas food and Christmas wedding food. Apart from the scrumptious items right from the Christmas menu, there is a possibility of arrangement of food other than this typical menu. However, in being flexible you should not forget the theme of your wedding. Remember experiment within the boundaries of Christmas theme would look apt. Here are few tips for the selection of Christmas Wedding Food.

Christmas Wedding Food Tips
Typical Christmas Wedding Menu

Drinks - Eggnog, Hot Chocolate, Fruit Punches, Mock tails and Wine.
Starters - Cookies, Bourbon, Gingerbread, Spritz , French Fries and Nachos
Main Course - Baked Beans, Cheese Pasta, Chicken Dishes, Sandwiches Salmons and Stuffed Turkey.
Dessert - Pies, Cake, Caramel Custard, Hot Chocolate Fudge and variety of Ice Creams.