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Snapping at Apples is a traditional Halloween game. Read on to know how to play it.

Snapping At Apples Game

'Snapping at Apples' is, yet another, interesting apple game that can be played on Halloween. It is great fun to play and is especially liked by children. It also gives the participants an opportunity to win exciting prizes. The game is an improvisation on the game 'Bobbing for Apples'. In this game also, your guests have to retrieve apples. However, here, you keep your guests dry, rather than putting them in a tub of water. Later, you can also hold a midnight feast to eat the apples for good luck.

The traditional Halloween souvenirs or prizes for 'Snapping at Apples' game would include emery silk cushions in shapes of tomatoes, radishes, apples, pears and pickles. Anpther idea would be to give out pen-wipers, in shapes of brooms, bats, cats and witches. A Harry Potter book for kids would be, naturally, the most treasured prize on Halloween. 'Snapping at Apples' is an appropriate game for a bunch of kids or even an active group of adults who are still young at heart.

How To Play
In 'Snapping at Apples', you have to hang the apples from the ceiling, with the help of a string or twine. Contestants have to jump and retrieve the apple with the help of their mouth, with their hands tied behind their backs. It will be hilarious to see some of the contestants jumping sky high and still missing out on the apples. To make the game more challenging, slit the apples' side and push a dime through them. Hang the apple at the height of your guests' mouth (approximately) and let them try to grab it. It would be fun to see kids or adults trying to bite the dime from the apple without using hands.

You can also make the game more challenging by combining it with other games, such as sack race or three-legged race. For the sack race snapping version, tell all your guests to climb in a sack and tie the sack at their chests, using a string. Now, tie their hands behind their backs. They have to reach the apples first and then, snap them off the twine and come back to the starting line. The one who comes first is the winner. The three-legged snapping version is team work of two people where one leg each of the two persons is tied together, They have to race together to reach the apples and snap them off the string.