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Haunted House Game

Haunted House game is popularly played amongst adults, on the night of Halloween. For this game, you have to choose a lonely house. Ruins, houses with their own ghost stories, houses near places known as haunted, houses that have not been lived in for few months or years and houses near graveyards and cemeteries are the best sites for 'Haunted House' game. This party activity is only for adults with stout hearts and those who love adventure and being scared.

How To Play
You have to prepare the haunted house, by keeping the lights dim. Hang a fake skeleton from the neck, on the branch a tree in the front yard, with the help of a rope. Now, focus a spotlight on the skeleton. This will set the mood of the guests for the spooky scenes they are about to see. If it is a full moon night, very good! If not, place an artificial full moon, illuminated by white light and with a bat-shaped dark spot in the center, on the rooftop.

Ask your guests to gather at the tombstone, real or artificial, near the house in devilish costumes. Assign someone to send the guests to the house one by one. Rusty creaking doors and floor boards with no one in sight is the best way to greet your guests to Halloween party. As they enter the house, the host of the party comes out from a coffin-shaped cabinet, wrapped up like a mummy and conducts the guest to a dark corner assigned to them.

The last guest to come in has to find the key to the coffin in the maze made by toilet paper, without being eaten by one of the monsters. All the guests have to remain unseen by him/ her until he/she finds the key or finds one of them. If the person runs into another guest, both the guest and the 'den' are out of the game. Then, the second last person has the chance to find the 'key' without running into other guests. Sound and light effects and spooky surroundings can pump up your adrenaline and raise your heartbeat to make your Halloween party, the scariest in town. The person who finds the 'key' wins the game.