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Here is information on to how to play 'ghost hunters', a fun game for Halloween party.

Ghost Hunters Game

Have you ever heard of the ghosts being hunted down? Only a daring Halloween game can provide such a heroic opportunity to its participants. You are at liberty of hunting the spooky creatures haunting your house. You need some toy ghosts to hide in the dark corners of your house and let the participants loose, to find and hunt them down. It is also fun to make these little ghosts on your own, rather than buying toy ghosts from the market. The time required for the chase depends on the hide-outs you have chosen for your ghosts. Tweens and teenagers especially love the adventure of being a ghost hunter.

You can make the game as scary and challenging as you want, according to the age of the participants. For small children, stick to indoors ghost hunting. You may or may not include the backyard, depending on how safe it is for the children. However, older children can wander off outdoors, with an adult guide, to search for ghosts in the nearby fields, farms or other 'haunted mansions'. Ghosts can be lollipops covered with a tissue paper or the drapery on which eyes and mouth are marked with a marker. A ribbon is tied just below the head, to mark the neck of the ghost. You may also buy fake skeletons or make interesting Halloween ghosts and monsters of desired shape and size.

Divide the participants in teams and give them clues such as - 'I haunt the room of Mrs Wilson', 'I come out from under the bed of Christine at midnight' or 'I love to peek through the keyhole of the bathroom door'. Keep the ghosts hidden or hang them with a string for the participants to find. One team member has to stay with the ghost they have found, while others go off to locate other ghosts. You can assign different areas to each team - Kitchen to Team A, Bedroom for Team B and so on. This will ensure that each team member finds at least one ghost. The team that finds all the ghosts and reports at the earliest is the winner.

The team members can take their ghosts along with them, as party favors. The clues can be more difficult for older children and the places where the ghosts are hidden can be made to look scarier, such as a cemetery or a haunted garage and sound and light effects can be added for the experience to be more real.