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Here are presented a few Halloween costume ideas. Check out scary costumes for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes

The Halloween trend is to imitate supernatural and scary beings through suitable dresses. The traditional costumes are those of monsters, vampires, skeletons, ghosts, witches and devils. In the recent years, dresses have also been inspired by science fiction characters, such as superheroes and aliens. Pop culture figures have also been a huge inspiration for trendy Halloween dresses, like presidents, athletes, and celebrities.

Scary Halloween costumes do not always need to make holes in your pockets. Be creative and use these simple, ready-to use ideas that will help you to make your very own costume at home. Always remember just like right accessories can make or break a dress, similarly, right props go a long way in making a costume effective or just silly. Wear masks to bewitch your beautiful face into that of an old hag and use hats and sticks that go with your costume.

In this section, we are presenting our collection of costume ideas for Halloween this year. These are simple dresses that you can improvise at home, using basic clothes that are easily available. There are some sexy costume ideas for girls, cute and easy-to-make Halloween costumes for babies and infants, costumes for geeks and nerds, costumes for young girls and teens and tree costumes that look environmental friendly, but can be suited to a dark theme to match with the spirit of the holiday season.

Baby Halloween Costumes
Baby costume ideas for Halloween are the most imaginative and creative ones. Though babies look absolutely cute in almost everything they wear, you can make them look even more adorable with such costumes. Costumes for infants and toddlers can be easily prepared at home with minimum accessories.

Geeks Party Costumes
Geek party costumes can be fun to try on Halloween. You can afford to look like that single minded and obsessed character, which is equally fun for others to watch. Halloween is one occasion when you can spot a geeky look and yet, be proud of it. So, go ahead and make innovative costumes to grab eyeballs at the Halloween celebrations.

Girl Halloween Costumes
Halloween costumes for girls can be very innovative. They can wear dresses that are funny, historical, scary, or even make a rebellious statement. In fact, girls can also imitate the look of a famous woman whom they admire. A lot of effects can be added to Halloween costumes for women and the scope of creativity is broad.

Man In Black Halloween Costume
Do you want to look like a MIB agent this Halloween? You have a lot of easy options to try. If you are a boy, you can wear a black suit, white shirt and a black tie. Put on dark sunglasses and you are ready as 'Man in Black' or even a CIA agent. Slick back your hair and wear black church shoes for a complete look.

Sexy Halloween Costumes
Going for the sexy look on this Halloween can be a superb and different idea. Young celebrators would especially want to look 'hot and happening' to rock the Halloween party in their style. Women are mostly in search of some ravishing Halloween dresses to grab eyeballs and become the focus of attention among the men

Tree Child Halloween Costume
Nature lovers can make their child go for an all-green tree costume on Halloween. Known as a tree-child costume, it will make your child look absolutely different from the usual and bizarrely dressed children, vying to get that trademark scary look of Halloween.