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An interesting idea for Halloween party is to play pumpkin games.

Halloween Pumpkin Games

Pumpkins have a special charm on Halloween, be it for carving Jack O' Lanterns, or for playing a variety of interesting games. Children also find pumpkin games enthralling, not just in Halloween parties, but also in classroom celebrations on this high-spirited festival. The pumpkin games are perfect for classroom Halloween parties or Halloween party for students and small children. All you need is some pumpkins and a few accessories, depending upon the game you are choosing to play. Even adult and old people can play these fun pumpkin games and enjoy Halloween!

How To Play
You will need three small pumpkins and 30 clear soda bottles. Ask the kids to collect 2 liter bottles of clear soda for the Halloween. Clean these bottles and put some gravel or sand in them, to keep them straight. Paint them white and use a black marker to draw the eyes and mouth of the ghost on them. These ghosts are to be targets and the pumpkins will serve as the bowling balls. Use the white paint to make the bowling alley. Arrange the bottle ghosts like the striking targets.

Ask the kids to come one by one, to bowl over the ghosts. If the kids manage to strike the ghosts in the first alley, they get a chance to bowl in the next alley as well. The kids who manages to strike and make the maximum number of bowl ghosts fall wins and receives a prize. You can also divide the children in two or more lines, depending on the strength. Each line should have six to eight children. The pumpkin is kept on the first child in the line.

As you give a sign to start, the first child passes the pumpkin over his or her head to next in line, who passes it under his or her legs and passes it to the next child who again passes it over his or her head and so on. At the end, the last person has to run with the pumpkin on the head to the first position in line and keep the game going. The team that has the first person in the line back to his or her position at the earliest, wins.