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Read on to know how to play Zodiac Match, a game for Halloween Party.

Zodiac Match Game

We all have some understanding and a smattering of interest in zodiac signs. At least, we all know our individual sun sign and some of its basic traits. How about a game that is based on the 12 signs of the zodiac? Halloween is the perfect occasion to play a zodiac game, in keeping up with the spirit of the festival, which is associated with supernatural and occult phenomena. This game is perfect for Halloween parties where guests do not know each other very well.

The zodiac game will be a great opportunity for those who have a keen interest in sun sings, as they will get to know the zodiac sign of other guests and a chance to observe their specific behavior. It can even prove to be an excellent icebreaker activity for your guests and make them mingle with each other and get acquainted. You may specify a time limit for the game, depending on the number of guests in your party.

Hot To Play
Make a list of zodiac signs, leaving a space of 3 to 4 lines in between. Make as many copies of the list as the number of your guests. Give a list and a pen to each guest. Now ask all the contestants to go and talk to each of the persons in the party, ask his/ her zodiac signs and note his/ her name against the specific zodiac sign. The first person to collect all signs is the winner.

From there on, it can be the group activity and people can cluster together according to their zodiac signs. You can also make teams later according to zodiac elements, such as Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The first team to come together wins. This will also force your guests to remember the names and faces of everyone in their party, along with their zodiac signs. There can also be different matches between different zodiac signs.