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Here is presented the method as to how to play 'walnut candle boats', a fortune fun game for Halloween party.

Walnut Candle Boats Game

Walnut candle boats are relied upon to reveal the fate of people on the night of Halloween. It needs to be remembered that fortune games are to be played for fun and real predictions should not be expected. The fun quotient of the fortune games on Halloween is high and not just young lovers, but even married couples play these games to double the enjoyment and boost the partying spirit of Halloween. Walnut candle boat can be a very interesting fortune game to be played on a Halloween party, and even otherwise.

How To Play
Carve out the meat from the walnuts and fasten short pieces of colored birthday candles to each of the two halves. Name each walnut candle boat after a person in the party, light them up and set them afloat in a tub of water. If the two boats glide together, then the two people will have similar destiny. If they glide apart, it means separation for the owners of the boats. Sometimes, candles seem to huddle together as a close-knit family, while one or two are left alone, to represent loneliness and solitude. The candle that goes out first is said to indicate that its owner would remain a spinster or a bachelor.

This fortune game is not only interesting and keeps the youths glued, at least as long as the candles last, but also add to the Halloween aura. The party venue with creepy decorations looks even scarier in flickering candle lights, as walnut candle boats float around water. If a pair of candles seems to float together from the start, it is predicted that the pair will be very close to each other throughout their lives and will probably marry each other. Toppling of the walnut candle boats is considered an ill omen and thus, care should be taken not to let the boats drown.