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Here are some magical and spooky spells for Halloween.

Halloween Spells

Halloween is the night of supernatural and paranormal events and activities. Superstitions, spells and charms are quite popular on the night of Halloween, when spirits are believed to roam on the earth freely. Halloween magical spells are very popular among the celebrators of this centuries-old festival. In places where Halloween is celebrated in the traditional way, married women test the loyalty and truthfulness of their men through these spells. Though some of Halloween magic can be categorized as superstition, it is certainly fun to try it. Read the article to know some mysterious and magical Halloween spells. These spells may not be true but they still intrigue young minds into experimentation and give them hopes in their quest to meet their lover and/ or spouse.

Magical Spells For Halloween

Nut Spell
Irish women and girls check the loyalty and faithfulness of their lover by keeping one nut each named after the lovers and one nut of the girl's name on the bars of the grate. If a lover's nut cracks or jumps, it means that he is unfaithful and will not be loyal to the girl. If a lover's nut burns or catches fire, it shows that he has true love or respect for the girl. If the girl's and the lover's nut burn together, it means that they will get married.

One of the other popular spells of Halloween ceremony is known as Luggies. In this, three dishes are taken. One is empty; one contains dirty water and the last one has clean water. These dishes are arranged on the hearth. People are blindfolded and taken to the dishes. They have to dip their fingers into the dishes, one by one. Those who dip their fingers in clean water first will marry a virgin; those who dip in dirty water will marry a widow or widower, while those who find empty dish are destined to be a bachelor or a spinster.

Hemp Seed Spell
If you slip alone outside, on the midnight of Halloween and sow a handful of hemp seed saying, "Hemp seed, I sow thee, Hemp seed I sow thee; And he/ she that is my true love, come behind and harrow me", you will see your future husband or wife harrowing, when you look over your left shoulder.

Shirt Sleeve Spell
Another spell to see the face of your true lover is to wet a shirt-sleeve on Halloween night and hang it near the fire to dry. Lie still in bed and watch it closely till midnight. You will see that your future partner will appear to turn the sleeve.

Herring Spell
Another popular Halloween charm says that if you eat a salted herring on this night just before you sleep, you will be visited by your future husband or wife. He/ she will come to offer you water and quench your thirst, in your dream.