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Here is presented the method as to how to play 'twirl the apple', a real easy adult Halloween game.

Twirl The Apple Game

Apples are used to play a flurry of interesting fortune telling games on Halloween. 'Twirl the Apple' is also a fortune telling game that is meant exclusively for women. This game sheds a flood of light on their personal lives and marriage prospects. Most of the unmarried women want to know whom will they marry and when. This game provides them profound insights on the aspect of their love relationships and at the same time, is an extremely fun way of passing time on Halloween.

How To Play
'Twirl the Apple' game is perfectly suitable for young unmarried women. For playing it, you need to have an apple, with a long stem, for each of the ladies. Tie a piece of string to the apple's stem and ask the ladies to twirl the apple in the fireplace or bonfire. The lady whose apple breaks off first and falls in the fire will be the first one to marry. The order of their marriage will depend on how long their apples take to go into fire. The lady whose apple remains on the string till the last is believed to lead life of a spinster.

If the apple falls into the fire and then out of it, it means that the lover or husband of the lady will go on a long trip, immediately after their union. Young ladies usually find 'Twirl the Apple' game very interesting and it gives them something to do, while they sit around the fire and gossip about things. It is said that a lady who looks long enough in the fire at midnight might even have a glimpse of her future husband's face in the fire.