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Here are presented a few theme ideas for the Halloween costume party.

Halloween Party Ideas

Arranging a Halloween party need not take a supernatural effort, if you plan everything properly. Proper organization and ensuring that nothing is missed out is very important to make any party a success, let alone Halloween party. Make a guest list, decide on the venue, date and time for the party, give out invitations, arrange for refreshments and party games, give a new decor to the house and last but not the least, arrange for a funky Halloween costume. Here are some of our suggestions that might help you in making your Halloween party a grand success:

Ideas For Halloween Party

Guest List
It is not enough to write down the names of all the people you want to invite, but you also need to ask them whether they will be available for the party. It will always be helpful to know the actual number of people that going to turn up, so get the fair idea straight from the horse's mouth.

Venue, Date and Time
The date, time, and venue should be chosen according to the convenience, age group, availability and accessibility of your guests. Include friends for cleaning up and in case of kids, involve the parents too.

It is best to make your own invitations with a personal touch. To go with the Halloween mood, you may choose to make Haunted House or tombstone invitations, with red blood dripping on them. Mail or deliver invitations at least two weeks before the party and give a follow-up call. You may also want to include the theme and dress code in your invitation.

Whatever you make, make it look spooky, to go with the mood of the day. Plastic spiders, lizards, snakes, bugs and spider webs can be used to give that ghoulish look to your feast. Ice cubes in different colors would be handy too.

Party Games
No party can be considered complete without the inclusion of games in it. Make you Halloween party games enjoyable by adding light effects, pitching in scary stories and using props, if necessary.

Venue Decor
Decorate the venue by using lights creatively. Use fog machine for creating the misty look, display skeletons, use thermocol tombstones, keep Jack-o-lanterns and flaunt plastic meat slabs. Spiders, hanging bats and glow-in-the-dark paint are other ideas that you can use. Throw in some scary music and sound effects to complete the look.

You can either make the costumes at home or hire some of the more flashy ones from a nearby shop. Let your imagination go wild and be the character you always wanted to be as a child.

Halloween Party Guest List
Guest list is an important part of planning a successful party. Make the list of guests you want to invite to your Halloween party, well ahead of time, so you do not forget anyone and have enough time to make and deliver the party invitations. So ring some of the important guests, add the RSVP and enquire about the actual number of guests that are about to come in the party for correct assessment.

Halloween Party Invitations
Innovative ways can be explored to frame party invitations for Halloween. Use your imagination to invite people to your Halloween party in a way that the invitation itself sets the mood for the party and generates enough excitement for the D-day. Party Invitation greetings available in the market are often run-of-mill, too expensive and may not go well with your party theme.