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Here is information on how to play 'pass the orange', a traditional Halloween party game.

Pass The Orange Game

'Pass the Orange' is a simple game adapted to the theme of Halloween. It would prove to be a perfect game for small children and also work well in an adult Halloween party. With minor improvisations in the game, it can be made very interesting and extremely fun to play. You can use your own creative bent of mind to change certain aspects of the activity and double the joy of playing this traditional Halloween game. So, play the game on this Halloween party at your house and celebrate the occasion in a traditional way

How To Play
Divide your guests in two teams. Make them stand in a circle and tie their hands behind their back. Now, place an orange under the chin of one person. He or she has to pass the orange to the next person in line, neck to neck. They cannot use their hands, of course. If the orange falls, the person who has made it fall has to bend down, sit on the knee or even lie down and catch the orange under the chin. Then, he/she has to get up like that and then continue passing the orange.

The first team that passes the orange back to the first person, who had the orange initially, is the winner. The game is not as easy as it sounds. Passing the oranges without using the hands can be quite a skill and only those who will do the job deftly, will manage to win. You can also bring in a few variations in this game, to make it more difficult and thus, more entertaining.

The orange can be kept near the foot of the first person. The person next to him has to use only his face and body to roll the orange on the body of the first person and put it under his or her chin. Then, the orange will be passed neck to neck, until someone lets it fall. If it falls, the next person again has to roll the orange up the person's body and put it under his or her chin. The first team that passes back the orange to the first person wins.