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Here is information on how to play 'fortune peanuts', an easy to play Halloween fortune game.

Fortune Peanuts Game

Games testing fate and fortune have been the traditional source of entertainment on Halloween since ages and they continue to enthrall the celebrators till now. A desire to know what is going to happen in the future captivates the fascination of people, and for this very reason, future predicting games are extremely popular on the festival. Fortune peanuts game is a great fun fortune-telling activity enjoyed on Halloween. People participate in large numbers in this game, in a bid to know what life has to offer them in the times to come.

How To Play
In this game, the peanuts have to be rolled in tiny bits of paper with words that indicate the possible future course and are arbitrarily passed out to the guests. The words can be - journey, wealth, success, marriage, promotion and so on. There can be variations of the peanut divination game and you can improvise on them, as you like. You can also wrap boxes with roasted peanuts and a chit with a small prophetic sentence written on it, as a party favor for your guests. You can make your prophecies funny, hilarious or scary, as you like. Here are some ideas for prophecies you can write this Halloween: