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Here are given some spooky decoration ideas for Halloween. Check out some real scary and haunted Halloween party décor.

Halloween Party Decorations

Party décor is very important to set the right mood, especially on Halloween. You can use a variety of ghoulish ideas for the venue décor of your Halloween party. Some of the ideas have been used repeatedly by scores of people and yet, have not lost the eerie charm and still manage to dig out the deep-rooted fear we have of spooky places and settings, right from our childhood. The article suggests some ways to make interesting decorations for this Halloween in your backyard, at home, or whatever venue you choose for you spine-chilling Halloween party:

Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween
Epitaphs & Decorative Designs
A painted tombstone for your Halloween graveyard will only look realistic and authentic when you imprint epitaphs and decorative designs on it, just like the real ones. You can just paint tombstones using acrylic craft paint and a brush, to have a simple flat effect.

Halloween Effects
Halloween party is incomplete without scary effects. In fact, effects are indispensable to complete the look of a spooky Halloween setting and set the Halloween party on fire. Tombstones and other Halloween monuments may scare very young children

Halloween Props
Smart and creative use of Halloween props can give your Halloween party the perfect setting - spooky and spine chilling. Skeletons, skulls, bones and fake gory body parts make for some simply great Halloween props and decorations. Then, there are other options, like a fake skeleton gracing the entrance of your house.

Homemade Tombstones
Tombstones can really make your backyard look scary. They serve as powerful instruments, when it comes to creating something like a 'House of Horrors' for Halloween. For giving a graveyard setting to your party venue, tombstones are the perfect Halloween prop.

Placing Tombstones
It is important how you place the tombstones on Halloween while decorating the venue for a genuine appearance and to keep them from toppling over. Securing tombstones in a fake, but convincing Halloween graveyard is an art that determines whether your guests will get the ultimate Halloween fright at your party

Halloween Lights
Lights can be used very creatively to enhance the impact of your Halloween decorations. For a night party, they can play a major role in giving a ghoulish look to your venue. You can simply use a variety of lights to illuminate your home and the outside area to welcome the visitors in the Halloween way.