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Find your horoscope is a real fun fortune game for Halloween party.

Find Your Horoscope Game

Find your horoscope is yet another fortune telling game played by Halloween celebrators. It is real fun and interesting, as participants take their pick from among the different future telling chits and try to know what life has in store for them. Knowing the future has intrigued people for ages, which explain the popularity of this game on Halloween. You can involve as many participants as you want and make the game more enjoyable. Make a lot of chits, so that you give enough options to the participants to choose from.

How To Play
To prepare for a horoscope predicting game, pick up any old horoscope book. Take sheets of paper and make chits from them. Write the common fortunes and predictions from the book on the chits that can fit well into any aspect of life. Take care to not write anything that may not connect to anybody's fortune, as one small mistake can sponge out all the fun from this game. The chits can include messages like:
Keep all these messages in a bowl. In another bowl, write the different aspects of life, people usually want to know about, such as Money, Love, Travel, Marriage Prospects, Career, Examination Results, Children and Dreams. You can make two or more chits for each category. Make sure that in each bowl, there are enough chits for the guests. Now, ask your guests to draw a chit from each bowl. The chits they draw will indicate the fate in the aspect of life they have drawn. For example, if a person draws out 'Career' and 'Success and positive results are likely; it means that a person will have success in career in next year.