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Here is information as to how to play 'pass the balloon', an easy to play Halloween party game.

Pass the Balloons Game

'Pass the Balloons' is a Halloween party game, which is great fun to participate in. You just need different colored balloons to play this game. An easy and interesting game to play; it is especially famous on Halloween parties. The game is not restricted to individuals of any particular age group. The elements of 'Truth and Dare' are also involved to make this game even more fun. Make sure that your guests don't miss out on the fun quotient of 'Pass the Balloons' this Halloween and you have a gala time too.

Make two circles. Each group will pass black and orange balloons from player to player. The only catch is that before you bat the balloon coming to you, have to speak out any word based on the given theme or you have to start all over again. The group that can keep the balloon in air for longest time wins. The themes you can use could be Halloween related words, names and kinds of monsters and spooky creatures, kinds of Halloween treats, types of insects and other such things.

A variation is to time the game, using ghoulish music and guests have to pass the balloon until music stops. Choose the Halloween music carefully for the effect. When the ghoulish music stops suddenly, the person who has the balloon is asked to do something. He can be given dares to perform, such as streaking down the road or climbing up the attic and act like a lighthouse. You can also ask the person to act like Frankenstein, zombies or even a vampire and seduce a lady of the party with his hypnotic powers.

The person who has the balloon when the music stops may be asked to choose between 'Truth or Dare' as well. If he chooses 'truth', he will have to answer any question that they might be asked, truthfully, including the name of his/ her latest love interest and what was the last thing he/ she said to his/ her partner the previous night. Halloween games can be wicked sometimes and this is surely one of them. But then, wickedness is the theme of this festival and no one will mind it, as long as the fun is harmless.