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Given below are the instructions on how to play Tarot Cards, a Halloween party fortune game.

Tarot Cards Game

Some of us may not know that the original purpose of Tarot cards was to play games, while now they are mainly used for divinatory purposes. In European nations, tarot cards are still widely used for playing fun games. Halloween is one occasion, when people play tarots cards not just for the purpose of fun, but to know their future as well. As fortune telling is one of the extensively pursued activities on Halloween, tarot cards have a significant role to play, given their phenomenal importance for occult sciences. Fortune telling with a deck of playing cards or tarot cards is increasingly becoming a favored time-pass among youths.

How To Play
Halloween party with the host and hostess dressed as a wizard and a witch, telling fortunes of their guests with the help of tarot cards or playing cards, is sure to be a hit. You can also dress up like a gypsy and have a crystal ball on the table for added effect. Keep the lights dim and focus the desk lamp on the cards. If you are doing this for the first time, you will need a Tarot Card book or a fortuneteller book for playing cards, to assist you in interpreting them.

There are two ways to make predictions using the cards. In one of the ways, you will ask the person, who wants to known his/ her future, to shuffle the tarot cards well, while thinking up and concentrating on a question. After he/she has shuffled enough, take the cards from his/ her hands and fan them out, so that the person can choose a card from them. Open the book and see what the card they have drawn means.

Another simple way is the three-card spread. Here, the person has to think of a question and focus on it, while he/she shuffles the cards and cut the deck twice, to make three piles. Then, ask him/her to choose one of the piles and keep it on the top of other piles. Deal 3 cards from the topmost pile. The first card to the left reflects the past of the person; the card in the middle reflects the present, while the card on the right reflects the future. Interpret the cards and reveal the past, present and future of the person.