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Here are some ideas for you to make sure that you have fun on Halloween

Halloween Fun Ideas

Any festivity is synonymous with fun and frolic and so is Halloween. Halloween celebrators are in a mood to have a gala time, the memories of which last till next year's blast. Ideas for Halloween fun are aplenty, capable of lighting up your day in a moment. However, spooky ideas are the best to try on the festival, in keeping up with its spirit. After all, watching that petrified look on people's face can be the best Halloween treat for you. Explore the variety of fun ideas on Halloween and scare your friends out of their wits.

There are numerous fun ideas for Halloween, to scare your friends in college dorm. You may like to spook your colleagues at office as well. The idea 'Sleepover with Ghosts' uses several ways to scare your friends, such as use of spiders, rattle snakes and cockroaches to using masks, wig, a big butcher knife, fake blood and 'body' made up of pillows or blankets. It is meant to make their hearts stop for a moment or two. Videotaping the event will be interesting, as you will be able to watch the experience with your buddies late on, after they recover from the series of shocks you have prepared for them.

Then, there is the activity 'Fortune in Coffee Cup'. It is meant for family gatherings on Halloween, where you can introduce this interesting pastime after giving steaming hot coffee to all your relatives and tell them about their past, present and future. In this section, we have provided some more Halloween fun ideas as well. However, while using them, be sure that you do not cross the fine line of harmless Halloween tricks and make it too scary for your friends or you will be only responsible for whatever your friends and colleagues do to you later. Happy scaring!

Fortune in Coffee Cup
Telling fortunes using coffee cup grounds can be an interesting evening pastime for Halloween tea party. As you prepare the steaming hot coffee, you can put the grounds of coffee in a white cup and shake them well, until they cover the whole surface of the cup.

Living Dead Fun Ideas
Living-Dead is an interesting Halloween trick and is best played out in public. One can really scare the hell out of people by playing this trick intelligently. The key, however, is to make it believable. You need to involve a friend in this trick, who will impersonate the living dead.

Sleepover with Ghosts
Have you ever seen a frozen look on your friends' faces? No? Then, arrange a 'sleepover with ghosts' for them, on this Halloween. When they realize that they are spending a night with ghosts, they would be scared white. It would leave them completely bamboozled and helpless.

Spooky Computer in Office
Even on Halloween, many of the people have to go to their office, to complete the projects nearing deadlines and clear out the backlog of work. It's not really fun to work on a high-spirited festival like Halloween. In case you are one of those working on Halloween