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Here is given information on how to play the treasure hunt, a real easy adult Halloween game.

Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure hunt is an exciting game, which is not just restricted to Halloween parties. This game can be played by one and all and it becomes all the more enjoyable when you have a large gathering at your Halloween party. People play the treasure game hunt to seek some adventurous fun, by trying to find hidden articles and locations. A series of clues is left for the participants to take hints from, so that they can find the treasure. Assistance through clues is a must in the treasure hunt game, or one will keep searching for a life time and still won't be able to locate the hidden treasure.

How To Play
You have the option of organizing an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt game, according to your convenience. The clues have to be prepared keeping in consideration the age group of the participants. To begin with, divide your guests in groups, each group headed by a responsible adult. They all have to wear Halloween costumes, have one handy cam per team and a list of tasks that they have to complete till midnight. The tasks can be as challenging and daring as you want. Some good examples are:
The team that completes all the tasks at the earliest or the maximum number of tasks is the winner. The funniest part of the game is to watch the photos and videos of the event that the teams have captured.