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Here is information as to how to play 'spider game', an easy to play kid Halloween party game.

Spider Web Game

Spider webs have always been associated with haunted houses and spooky places. So, what better than to include them in your Halloween party as well, in the form of games. Spider web games are interesting to play and suit people of all age groups, right from the small kids to the adults. Here, we will provide you with two variations of the spider game. Go through them and have fun on your Halloween party.

How To Play
Get wool balls in different colors and give one to each of the kids in your party. They have to tie one end of the wool loosely around their waist. Then, the one who conducts the game will turn on a Halloween song and stop it arbitrarily. Whenever the music stops, the children have to throw their ball of wool to anyone in the circle. Then, they wrap the wool around any part of their body, such as legs, arms or waist (but not on necks), and then throw the ball again to someone else, when the music stops again. Repeat this, until the kids run out of wool.

There are no winners or losers in this variation of the game. It will keep the kids entertained for hours. Click the photo of the multicolored spider web they have spun at the end of the game. It will take another hour for the kids to untangle themselves. Older children will love to have prizes and more activity. For them, take a black yarn and wrap it all around the room gently, such as around the couch or cabinet or the chairs, as the base for the web. Cut the remaining yarn into very long pieces. Each piece should be several yards long.

There should be one yarn, one plastic spider and one gift for each guest, which will be the prize. Tie the spider on one end of each yarn and the prize on another end. Hide the 'prize' end of the yarn somewhere in the room and then spin the yarn around the yarn base, in such a way that in the end, the spider can be at the center of the web. Repeat this with all the yarn ends. Spin the spider web high and low, run the yarn on floor at some places and take it above the sofa and cabinet at other places, for a more untangled look.

The guests have to take the 'spider' end and find the 'prize' by untangling their yarn from the web. This involves stepping over and under the spider web and getting tangled in it to find the prize. If you can shoot the video of this event, it can be very interesting to watch in future on family gatherings and can be quite funny. Isn't this game just fun! Yes? So, what are you waiting for? Just get some yarn, spider and gifts and start playing it.