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Some Halloween books have rightly captured the soul and heart of the grand festival. Explore the article for some famous books on Halloween.

Halloween Books

As soon as Halloween date approaches, bookstores begin to be flocked with a large variety of books that have been penned on the festival or its theme - ghosts, witches, vampires, etc. Books on Halloween fall into distinct categories. There are colorful books available for very young kids, as they associate more with pictures. In fact, there is a complete range of Halloween books that have been written just with kids in mind. Then, there are books for adults, which are scary and gruesome in nature. There is yet another set of books, which concentrates on giving celebration ideas to the people. Out of the innumerable books authored on Halloween, there are a few that have gained tremendous popularity and been recorded as best-sellers. Mentioned below are some of the most famous books on Halloween.

Famous Halloween Books

Too Many Pumpkins
'Too Many Pumpkins' is one of the most famous Halloween books. It has been authored by Linda White and the beautiful illustrations are credited to Megan Llyod. Rebecca Estelle, a white haired woman, is the main character in the story. As a young child, Rebecca grew up eating only pumpkins, as she belonged to a very poor family. Now, she hates pumpkins. One fine day, a pumpkin accidentally drops in Rebecca's yard and its scattered seeds lead to the growth of a sea of pumpkins in her garden. Eventually, Rebecca gives up her enmity with the pumpkins and throws a Halloween party, where she shares them with everyone.

101 Spooktacular Party Ideas
This is a famous Halloween book for kids, authored by Linda Sadler. The book mentions 101 Halloween party ideas, which are absolutely amazing and will make for some great fun. It also provides fabulous indoor and outdoor decoration ideas for Halloween. Quick easy treats and beverages have also been attended to by the author. The best thing about the book is that the party ideas given are low-budget and can be easily executed. Each and every party activity has been explained by the author in detail, which makes it very easy for the reader to make sense of things.

Moonlight The Halloween Cat
'Moonlight The Halloween Cat' is a great Halloween book for young children. The book has been written by Cynthia Rylant. It contains some amazing artwork and very beautiful illustrations by Melissa Sweet. The story is focused on a black cat that is very fond of Halloween. She is very pleased to see the glowing Jack-O'-Lanterns, children donning the scary Halloween costumes and simply wandering on the streets, on the night of Halloween. Children will find it great fun, as it beautifully describes all the fun associated with the festival.

Halloween Customs, Recipes & Spells
'Halloween Customs, Recipes & Spells' has been written by Silver Ravenwolf. A perfect book for those who want to get a complete insight into the festival of Halloween, it offers a peep into the Halloween customs and traditions, recipes and how it is celebrated in different countries. One section of the book also deals with Halloween symbols. The book also focuses on the spiritual side of the festival celebrations. To cut the long story short, the book gives a nice overview of the grand Halloween.