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Here is given the method as to how to play 'peanut race', a Halloween fun party game.

Peanut Race Game

'Peanut Race' is one of the famous games played on Halloween. A peanut race in the Halloween party will keep the guests entertained and be highly interesting for you as well. Participants will try their level best to reach the finishing line at the earliest, which will result in funny fiascos. It will be hilarious to see small peanuts ramming in to each other. Peanut race is a challenging game, though it may seem like a cake-walk. It is capable of testing the focus and skills of the participants. So, play the 'Peanut Race' game this Halloween and add on to the fun of the party.

How To Play
Shelled peanuts, a table and toothpicks are all you require. Mark the tracks, the starting and the ending on the table, with masking tape. All the participants have to push and roll their shelled peanuts to the finishing line, using their toothpicks and without letting them fall on the floor. The winner, of course, is the one who reaches the finishing line first. It may seem easy, but it is difficult to keep the peanut from rolling off the table, let alone keeping it going in a straight line. It can be a challenging game for adults, much more animal-friendly than the turtle or snail race and much less addictive than the horse races.

The contestants who drop their peanuts in between can pick them up and join the race again, starting from the beginning of the line. There should be enough room on the table, for all the contestants to maneuver their peanuts easily from one end to the other. Jumping from one line to another is certainly not allowed. Similarly, if a toothpick touches the toothpick or peanut of another contestant, intentionally or accidentally, it is a foul. But then, what is the fun of this Halloween race, if you do not involve foul play! In case of a variation, you can use bigger things, such as apples or balls that are easier to roll with sticks, for children.