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Here is information on how to play 'mummy wrap', a simple game for Halloween party.

Mummy Wrap Game

Mummies have intrigued and fascinated us, since the first time we came to know about the 'Pharaohs of Egypt' and their mummies. A mummy wrap game on Halloween can be something really creative and fun, at the same time. Imagine wrapping up a living person with toilet paper, to make him/her look like a mummy! Guests, especially kids, will be enthralled by this game and will actively participate in it. You can also add your own innovations to the original game, to make it even more fun. It will be amazing to see mummies making rounds in your house and trying to outplay each other, just to win a Halloween game.

Divide the guests in pairs and give two rolls of toilet paper to each pair. The guests have to wrap each other using the toilet paper, just like a mummy. The people who do it at the earliest are declared winners. The trick is not to wrap the hands of the first person, while wrapping him/ her up as a mummy and leave place for their eyes, noses and mouth. It can be quite a mess as people realize that they have wrapped their partner's hands and he/ she is not free to wrap them up. Once all the mummies are ready, they can move on to the next level of the game, where they have to walk and moan and groan like a mummy, as they try to find their Halloween candy.

You can make a maze using toilet paper in the room or the backyard. Mummy pairs have to make sure that toilet paper doesn't get torn as they search for their candy. If the toilet paper gets torn, the mummy is out and turns evil. Put some tomato ketchup on the mummy, to look like blood & mark the 'evil mummy' and give them a gun with tomato ketchup to shoot. The evil mummy will turn any mummy he/she find 'evil' as well, by smearing some blood (tomato ketchup) on them. Now the other mummies have to find the Halloween candy hidden somewhere in the maze, before they run into evil mummies and are turned 'evil'. The mummy who finds the candy before turning 'evil' or the last mummy left pure will be declared the winner.