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Know how to play Apple Peel Halloween game, a Halloween love game, one of the popular Halloween fortune games for youths.

Apple Peel Game

Playing 'Apple Peel' on Halloween is an old practice among young girls and women, to know the initials of their lover or future spouse. It also keeps them interested in their work, while preparing Halloween feast as they play along and look for their fortunes and share their secret desires or chuckles. 'Apple Peel' is an easy game and interesting enough to get your guests to share some of your work. In the following lines, we will describe how you can play this game.

How To Play
Give each of the guests an apple and a paring knife. The guests have to work diligently and peel the apple from top to bottom in a continuous circle. While peeling, participants have to make sure that peel does not break in-between. Once they have an entire apple peel, which now looks like a spiral, they can start tossing it for predictions. All they have to do is to throw the peel over their shoulder, while saying 'Peel, peel, please reveal, the initial letter, of my true love.'

The participants should not look back, until the peel falls on the floor. It is said that if done in the right manner, the peel will fall in the shape of an alphabet, which is supposed to be the initial letter of the true lover of a person. Apple peel game is still very popular, especially, among women, as it gives them a chance to peep into the future and know at least the alphabet from which the name of their beloved would start.

The credibility quotient of Apple Peel' game certainly invites doubts. Nevertheless, the game continues to enjoy immense popularity among Halloween celebrators, as another way to have some harmless fun on the spooky night. This game is more popular among teenagers and boys and girls of marriageable age.