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Here is some information on how to play Meet Your Fate, a Halloween party fortune game.

Meet Your Fate Game

Meet Your Fate is a highly preferred fortune telling game on Halloween. Different things implying a forecast about a person's life are hidden inside a cake and the participants are supposed to take a bite of this cake. His/her fate is determined on what is contained in his/her bite of the cake. If you are planning to play this game on your Halloween party, make sure that all the participants are old enough not to swallow any of the items in the cake. It is important to keep away kids and too young participants from this game, as they might ingest the items, turning this extremely fun game into an actual Halloween disaster.

How To Play
In order to play 'Meet Your Fate', prepare a coffin-shaped cake for Halloween. Hide a penny, a ring and a feather in the cake. One who bites upon the feather will have good health. A penny in your mouth means that you will have prosperity and wealth in the coming year, while a ring indicates that you will soon meet your true lover and would-be spouse. This game is intended only for teens or adults Halloween party. You can also improvise on this fortune game to make it more interesting for your guests.

Hide the penny, ring and feather at different places in the venue for Halloween party. Drop clues from time to time. Anyone who finds one or more things at the earliest will be the winner. Finding more than one thing might mean that a particular person is luckier this year. Some of the places where you can hide things are a ring in the skull's mouth, a penny in skeleton's hand, and a feather on the pirate's hat. You can turn this into a treasure hunt game of a larger magnitude, by adding more things to the list, each one symbolic of a particular happening in the future.