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Read ghost stories for Halloween and spooky Halloween tales and legends to share during Halloween campfire night.

Halloween Ghost Stories

Halloween is the time to spook your friends with ghoulish costumes and scary décor. It is also the time to share ghost stories and experiences that will make them gasp for breath. Recreate campfire memories by sharing true or made-up vampire and witches tales or narrating stories that will make your friend's hair stand on neck and have a surge of adrenaline coursing through their veins. However, small children should be kept away from eavesdropping on any such event, as they may get really caught in the vividly detailed descriptions that come with these stories and become afraid of demons and monsters under their bed, in the bathrooms, or even inside the closet.

Though real ghost stories are always welcome, since only few people may have such encounters to relate, tall tales spun out of sheer imagination can also work as a charm, to give real meaning to Halloween. Keep the stories appropriate to the age and temperament of your listeners. Stories about the venue of the party, especially with the special effects thrown in at just the right moments, may make your guests scream with fright. They will always remember the night as one of the scariest and terrifying Halloweens they ever had. So, just let loose the story-teller within you and surprise your friends with your scary story bank. Try to make your stories believable, else the fun will be lost.

Lonely Ghost
Narrating ghost stories to children and even your friends, on Halloween, can be a great way to pass time. The stories will also help you make the over-active children sit quiet for sometime. Since Halloween is associated with ghosts and spirits who are known to venture on earth freely on the said night

Poltergeists are mischievous, naughty and sometimes malevolent spirits. A big fan of Harry Potter series, John thought that he would enjoy being surrounded by these naughty demons who love to scare people and get a laugh from their fears. He, especially, loved the imagery of Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter, who used to live in girl's bathrooms and dive down in the toilets.

Real Vampire
Vampire, the blood sucking ghost, has both terrified and fascinated people at the same time. Scary tales including vampires are perfect to be told on the occasion of Halloween. You can simply enthrall children and glue them to their seats by narrating a gory vampire story.

Scary Doll Experience
When Mary was six, Aunt Martha came to her house, after spending two years in Africa. She had done some well-known researches on voodoo magic and evil paranormal influences in the lives of people. She had even won an award or two for her efforts.