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Here are some fortune game ideas for Halloween party. Check out Halloween fortune fun games.

Halloween Fortune Games

One of the traditional aspects of Halloween is attempting to know what the future has in store, for which people play a variety of fortune telling games. Such games are seriously pursued by some, while others are just intrigued by the mere idea of getting to know their fortune and do it for the sake of fun. Halloween is the time when most youths give way to age-old superstitions and made-up fantasy games of divination. Couples who are in love, or those want to get married also play such games to get predictions on the future of their relationship.

Fortune telling games are enjoyed by college students and young adults as well, who are stepping on to adulthood and are about to start their lives on their own. They have many questions about their future that they would like to be answered. Young girls or boys may love to know about their future beloved or spouse as well, such as their initials, and may love pairing-up games. The outcome of the game may or may not be true but playing it is interesting enough. These games also serve as good conversation starters.

Do not expect Halloween fortune games to give you accurate answers or precise solutions to your problems. They are just meant for fun. Play them at your Halloween party and enjoy the results, but do not take the outcomes of the games seriously and do not let them direct you to a particular line of thinking. No matter how much you want to, keep away from Ouija boards, as many people have found them dangerous. They are not to be meddled with, be it by children or ignorant adults. Be content with these harmless games and keep away from evil knights of the night.

Apple Peel Halloween Game
Playing 'Apple Peel' on Halloween is an old practice among young girls and women, to know the initials of their lover or future spouse. It also keeps them interested in their work, while preparing Halloween feast as they play along and look for their fortunes and share their secret desires or chuckles.

Apple Seed Test
Halloween is synonymous with partying and fun. People across many parts of the world celebrate the holiday by playing a variety of games. And apples are famous for Halloween, as they are used as charms.

Blowing Out Candles
Candles are used very innovatively to have a fun fortune game on Halloween. Blowing the candle is one amongst the very famous Halloween fortune games. Burning candles also set the mood for a mystical future predicting exercise, which can involve a lot of people, depending on the number of candles you have.

Find Your Horoscope
Find your horoscope is yet another fortune telling game played by Halloween celebrators. It is real fun and interesting, as participants take their pick from among the different future telling chits and try to know what life has in store for them. Knowing the future has intrigued people for ages

Fortune Peanuts
Games testing fate and fortune have been the traditional source of entertainment on Halloween since ages and they continue to enthrall the celebrators till now. A desire to know what is going to happen in the future captivates the fascination of people

Meet Your Fate
Meet Your Fate is a highly preferred fortune telling game on Halloween. Different things implying a forecast about a person's life are hidden inside a cake and the participants are supposed to take a bite of this cake. His/her fate is determined on what is contained in his/her bite of the cake.

Tarot Cards
Some of us may not know that the original purpose of Tarot cards was to play games, while now they are mainly used for divinatory purposes. In European nations, tarot cards are still widely used for playing fun games. Halloween is one occasion, when people play tarots cards not just for the purpose of fun, but to know their future as well.

Twirl the Apple
Apples are used to play a flurry of interesting fortune telling games on Halloween. 'Twirl the Apple' is also a fortune telling game that is meant exclusively for women. This game sheds a flood of light on their personal lives and marriage prospects. Most of the unmarried women want to know whom will they marry and when.

Walnut Candle Boat
Walnut candle boats are relied upon to reveal the fate of people on the night of Halloween. It needs to be remembered that fortune games are to be played for fun and real predictions should not be expected. The fun quotient of the fortune games on Halloween is high and not just young lovers