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Isn't it a great idea to celebrate this Christmas in Victorian style? Learn how to create a Victorian Christmas Decoration for this Christmas.

Victorian Christmas Decoration

Creating a Victorian Christmas theme would be a great idea as this festival took its current-day format during those days. Victorians revived old traditions of Christmas celebrations such as caroling and also introduced new concepts like Christmas cards and greetings. It was the Victorians who promoted church-going, gift-giving and charity during this season, creating folk figures of Father Christmas and Santa Claus to symbolize holiday generosity. Christmas was a family celebration for them, children being the major part of it. Christmas decorations and trees were made to entertain children and the idea of gift exchange also came for the same reason. Twinkling lights, garlands, crackling pinecones - Victorian Christmas decorations are all about elegance and class. Laced with golden antiquities, such Christmas themes take you closer to nature. Creating a Victorian Christmas theme is not a difficult task if you have a sense of appreciation towards nature. Read more about the Victorian Christmas decor and celebrate this Christmas in a classic style!

Victorian Christmas Tree
Old-day Victorian Christmas trees are noted for their elaborate decorations which include gingerbread men, marzipan candies, cookies, fruit, hard candies, tin soldiers, whistles, paper fans, wind-up toys, dried fruits, pine cones, nuts, berries and trinkets of all kinds. The favorite decor of Victorians are the Paper cornucopias filled with candies, nuts and other treats. Some homemade such as tiny hand-stitched dolls, children's mittens, freshly baked sugar cookies etc were also important Victorian decorations. And last, but not the least, a Victorian tree must also have a Christmas doll or angel at the top. Victorian era placed a lot of importance on family Christmas celebrations hence, common decorations also included easy kids crafts such as garlands made of cranberries, popcorns or paper flowers. Towards the later part of the century, new decors like glass icicles, hand-blown glass globes (kugels) and silver and gold cardboard ornaments shaped like birds, flowers, moon, ships, butterflies, fish, animals, etc. took over the place of candies and other such decors.

Victorian Christmas Home Decor
Victorian home decor is characterized by rich greenery and natural ornaments like flowers, pinecones, berries etc. Many not-so-rich Victorians were very enthusiastic about decorating their home and celebrating Christmas and took inspiration from the nature, thus began the use of fresh, rich greenery, berries, pine corns, etc. as decors. Christmas mistletoe was also one such ornament adopted from nature. Christmas wreaths can be found on doors and behind windowpanes.

Victorian Decoration Tips
Victorian Christmas is the best and the most colourful Christmas one can ever have. It takes a lot of efforts but the final result is always worth the while.