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Know the Christmas colors, Christmas hanging of the greens and how to decorate on Christmas using red and white colors.

Christmas Colors

Christmas is the most popular festival throughout the world. It is celebrated with immense zeal and fervor in various counties in the world. Christmas tee, twinkling lights, feast, dance, champagne, gifts and fun are inevitable parts of Christmas celebrations. Celebrated in order to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the father of Christianity, the celebrations of Christmas are full of the colors of joy, passion and enthusiasm. Apart from the virtual colors of joy and fervor, the vivacious decoration of the Christmas celebrations makes it a really colorful festival. You can observe this colorfulness right from the venue decoration to the attire of the people. Read on to explore more about the Christmas colors.

The main colors of Christmas are red and green. They are generally used with white, sparkling silver and gold to compliment them. Red denotes the festivity and cheery mood of the season and probably came from the red berries of holly that look so beautiful in wreaths. It adds warmth to the Christmas decorations. Santa wears a red dress too and looks so affable in his cute dress. Red rugs and carpets and red glow of fireplace can make you forget the chilly December evening outside. Rudolph has a bright red nose and is the favorite reindeer of all children. Red and green candle and flower arrangements of poinsettia and mistletoe make beautiful centerpieces for Christmas dinner table setting.

Green from pine trees, topiaries and wreaths is the obvious background for Christmas season and brings Nature into the house, soothing our senses and sore eyes. The color denotes hope of the arrival of spring and long lasting life just like evergreens that can weather all seasons. Other greens that are featured during Christmas include mistletoe, holly and ivy. It is said that anyone standing under the mistletoe branch on Christmas should not be refused a kiss. White and very light blue denotes snow and compliments green and red well. Similarly the sparkling silver and golden color add the royal and festive touch to Christmas celebration and remind us of the rich Three Wise Men, divinity of angels and the star that guided the shepherds to their Savior.