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This year, give a theme to your Christmas decorations and revel in the novelty. Given below are some decorating theme ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Decorations Theme

The month of December brings along the season of festivities and celebrations for most people. Not only does it symbolizes the festival of Christmas, but also indicates the beginning of a New Year. As such, revelry starts from the very beginning of this month. Markets and malls are packed with Christmas decorations and shoppers. While there can be no Christmas without the traditional wreath, Christmas tree, Christmas basket and so on, in contemporary times, people like to experiment with the Christmas festival and the decor. Like most parties and get-togethers, people, today, are setting a particular theme for Christmas to give it a harmonious look. Not only does a theme makes the place a little versatile and dynamic rather than the traditional, conventional Christmas, having a theme for decoration on Christmas aids in decision making for other things like Christmas cards, favors, food and so on.

Adding a theme to Christmas celebration adds drama to the festival, as a theme gives Christmas a distinct charm which makes it all the more enjoyable. Also, since the theme is decided, one gets a chance to experiment and plan the Christmas party accordingly. Everything, right from how the decor needs to be done to what type of food should be there to what favors can be given, is designed in sync with the theme. If you are of the traditional types and do not want to de-route yourself from the conventional decoration, you know what is to be done. But if, by any chance, you want to try something new this Christmas, go ahead and read the ideas given below. Incorporate any one of the theme ideas given herein and style your Christmas differently this year.

Christmas Decorations Theme Ideas

Jingle Bells Christmas!
If you are a music lover, then this would surely ring the bells for you. Go for a music theme and give that artist in you a break from the routine. For music as the theme, the settings will need a lot of music scrolls, a few musical instruments, brass horns etc. Fun-filled Christmas songs can be played in the background to create a musical ambience. What's more, have your guests come in dressed as their famous music icons. Imagine your guests "moon walking" into the party and grooving on the music like Elvis! You can use musical ornamentation for the Christmas tree, musical danglers and other decorative items which are easily available online and at local stores. The food can also be shaped in the form of musical instruments. Have a musical X-Mas!

Atlantis Christmas!
Another theme, which can be easily maneuvered, is aquatic life or nautical theme. For this, you shall require shell ornaments, miniature ship-themed items, and so on. Spread the seashells all around the house to give it, an ambience of being the underwater city of Atlantis. Replicas of Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian installed at strategic locations will more so add to the theme of Christmas. As for the Christmas tree, fish and marine life shaped ornamentations along with salt-water candies will give it an exceptional and extraordinary look. Since the theme demands a watery and wet look, try adding white and sky blue frills to the decorations as these will help in adding on to the character. Once the decorations are done, play music, which emits the sound of sea to perfect the theme.

Color It Up Christmas!
Add color to your Christmas this year and make the celebration colorful and blissful. Use a particular color or color combination as a theme and use the similar color items throughout in decorations. A few colors, which can be considered for the festival of Christmas can be red, white, green, golden, silver etc. Use of a lot of ribbons and bows as these would help enunciate the theme. For a bold, contemporary look, use black, red and silver. In case you want to go for a snowy white theme, incorporate white and silver. Add pink accents in the form of flowers, butterflies and feathered decorations for a whimsical look. For the Christmas tree, you can use cotton as snow and ornaments such as crystal snowflakes, pink tinsels and flecks and so on.

Foodie Christmas!
This can be an interesting theme for all, especially food lovers. Try using food and drinks to elaborately decorate the Christmas tree as well as the whole house. Hang chocolates, pixie sticks, candies and chewable, wine and champagne bottles on the Christmas tree. Similarly, you can decorate the whole house with edible stuffs. Instead of having a flower vase or a crystal showpiece as the centerpiece, place a three-tier cup cake on the table. This will not only make for your decoration, but you can also tell the guests to feel free to dig into them. Also, you can place homemade chocolates at different locations of the house and gift them as favors to your guests while bidding them bye.