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Let's celebrate this Christmas in a different way! Here are some Gothic Christmas decoration ideas to make this Christmas a different experience.

Gothic Christmas Decorations

Carols, prayers, feasts, Santa - these are the prominent symbols of Christmas. Year after year, people follow the same traditions. While tradition works for many people, some get bored of the repetitious celebrations. It is natural that you long for a change to make this festival more interesting. How about adding an extra flavor to this Christmas by choosing some unconventional themes? It may look very untraditional and you should be prepared to confront huge opposition but, if you can pull it off then, Gothic Christmas theme would be truly a different experience. You may add dark elements to everything from trees to decorations, to gifts and even to the Christmas recipes. Don't get perplexed with this idea for you are not the first person to do this. There is an increasing popularity for gothic decors and there are plenty of Gothic Christmas ornaments available in the market too. You may even use your Halloween left over to create a gothic theme. Here are some interesting ways to create a gothic theme for this Christmas.

Gothic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Spooky Christmas Tree
The first step to create a Gothic Christmas theme is to have a Spooky Christmas tree, which forms the centerpiece of our Gothic Christmas celebrations. Readymade gothic Christmas trees are available everywhere, yet you can try making one. You will need an old, dry Christmas tree for this. Strip off the needles from it and either leave the tree like this or paint it with black hue. Avoid using colored lights and decors on it, instead, use black lights and ornaments. You may hang all the spooky collectibles you have gathered over time, on this Christmas tree. Keep a scary mask or a skull on top of the Christmas tree instead of the traditional Christmas Angel.

Candles, in this case also, fall into the category 'indispensable'. Get black or red candles to add extra gothic flavor to the decors. Surround these candles with fresh evergreen sprigs. You may also place these candles inside a dish and surround it with red cranberries, holly berries, small black stones or black-tinted evergreen sprigs.

Spooky Ornaments
You can make spooky ornaments by re-using plastic toys or Halloween left-overs. One easy method of making a gothic decor is to glue strings or ribbons on to plastic skeletons, rubber bats, spooky collectibles etc. and add them on your tree and other places like doors and window treatments. Skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, etc. make for good gothic home decors. Orange and purple lights would be available during Halloween. Collect them and use the same to create gothic lighting for Christmas.

Tips To Make Personalized Gothic Christmas Decor
Mentioned above are some ideas to make this Christmas a Gothic one. Let's have a change from the traditional way of celebrating Christmas! Happy Gothic Christmas!