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If you are bored with the traditional way of embellishing the Christmas tree and want to change the feel of it this season, go through this article on modern Christmas tree decorations to know more.

Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

It's Christmas, and the time to rejoice in the Lord is here. The day of Christmas, the days preceding and proceeding it are celebrated across the world with much joyousness and enthusiasm. However, while the basics of it are still intact, Christmas has come a long way from being a traditional way of spending the season with family and friends, surrounded by love, warmth, personally cooked meals, and a nicely decorated interiors and exteriors to the modern way of doing the same albeit with a whole new way of decorating up the surroundings, including the good old Christmas tree.

Christmas tree, with all its history and traditions kept intact, has undergone a change-a change that is completely outwardly but spellbinding nonetheless, without killing off the spirit of the season. Gone are the days when bells, balls, candy canes, stars, and angels were the only way to bejewel a Christmas tree. Now, decorating a Christmas tree is only limited till where a person can stretch his/her creative skills. And if used to advantage, a makeover to the decorative sense of the Christmas tree can give a differently wholesome and elegant feel to it. Below have been mentioned a few modern ideas to decorate a Christmas tree. Go through them, then either use them or create something new.

Contemporary Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

The Tree
Move over the traditional evergreen tree! Instead of indulging in the act of buying a Christmas tree or growing one, this Christmas, go off track and make a fantabulous and feathery light Christmas tree made out of feathers. All you need is white turkey feathers, hot glue gun, a long and thin craft stick, a decorative star, and decorative glitter spray of your choice. The tree won't be as big as the traditional one, but will look doubly beautiful.

Stars Vs Gingerbread
One great way of uniquely decorating the Christmas tree is by keeping the stars and the balls aside and loading it up with gingerbread cookies and gingerbread men. To create a darker contrast, dip a few of the pieces in honey, let them dry off and then load them up. Gingerbread stuff isn't all; you can even use chocolate cookies or other flavors.

How about having a tree that children would love to un-decorate? Sounds a little off course, but it's also way more fun than decorating, for kids at least. But what's there to un-decorate? Small gifts hung up on the tree as ornaments. Kids will a gala of a time unwrapping them. You don't even have to limit it all to just one tree. You can even have another tree decorated the traditional way. For fun, hang up the unwrapped gifts a few day before the Christmas Eve and ask them if they can wait till its time.

The Country Side Effect!
A Christmas tree adorned with ornaments based on the village theme will look as good good as any of the stuff out there. Ornaments like little houses & churches nestled quietly between the decorative balls and baubles will bring the tree to life. Small sized LED candles wrapped around the village will add a stunning dimension to the entire village.

Rosy Roses!
How about making the thing, which is in the foreground almost all the year the background around Christmas? We're talking about roses, and if coupled with the Christmas tree, roses can add a never-seen-before look to it. Leave all the artificial ornaments and go natural. Use roses of different colors as ornaments for your Christmas tree and watch your Christmas be surrounded with charming fragrance. However, don't ornament the tree with roses only until a day or two before Christmas as they're bound to die down.

Oceanic Delight!
Ever thought of decorating the Christmas tree with seashells and pearls? No? All the ornaments that adorn the sea can also adorn and brighten up your Christmas tree. If you haven't already got many of such items you can buy them from a nearby crafts shop or a beach if want to pick them off the shores and have some fun as well. Spray paint and glitter paint them with a combination of two or more colors and hang them atop the tree and you have a breezy ocean theme for your Christmas.