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Christmas tree captures the essence of the festival of Christmas. Knowing how to take care of Christmas tree will enable you to preserve this symbol, for a longer time. Read on for maintenance tips.

Christmas Tree Maintenance

Christmas is a religious day, which offers a great opportunity of making merry and having great fun. People celebrate Christmas as a birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, whose teachings are believed to be the foundation of Christianity. The most popular customs include, attending church, singing carols, exchanging gifts, merry making and sharing meals with family and friends along with decorating Christmas trees and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus's arrival. Decorating Christmas tree is one of the most fascinating endeavors of Christmas celebrations. Though the process of decorating a Christmas tree offers great fun and excitement, but its maintenance can often be quite exerting. So, if you wish to keep your Christmas tree healthy, green and safe for long, take note of the following instructions. We have mentioned some very easy and simple suggestions on how to maintain your Christmas tree. These steps will help you keep your Christmas tree fresh throughout the Christmas holiday season.

How To Take Care Of Christmas Tree

Step 1: Water The Tree
This is the basic step which you need to do with any plant or tree. To begin with, you need to ensure that the tree gets plenty of water in the first few hours of settling in, and enough water every day. It not only increases the tree's life, but a well-watered tree is less dry and thus, less burnable and hence, safer despite all the lighting. Make sure that the water level doesn't fall below the base of the tree.

Step 2: Keep The Tree Fresh
Nobody likes their Christmas tree to look dull and gloomy. Therefore, to keep your tree fresh, put an aspirin in its water or add ginger ale or some soda drinks. These would help trap the required nourishment in its roots.

Step 3: Embellishing The Tree
There is absolutely no doubt that decorating a Christmas tree is the favorite part for many of us but what more you need to remember is that, along with your decoration, it is also wise to think about its safety. If you neglect this aspect then you might end up turning your Christmas tree into a fire hazard. So, use your horse sense while decorating the Christmas tree. For instance:
Step 4: Mend The Sap Leakage Early
It is better to check for sap leakage and mend it before it spreads to adjacent furnishings or floor coverings. At an early stage, the sap leakage can be fixed quite easily.

Step 5: Get Rid Of The Fallen Pine Needles
Use a handheld vacuum cleaner or dust pan and brush to collect fallen pine needles. Adhere to this in your daily cleaning routine to avoid vacuuming up a huge heap of needles when you finally move the tree.

A Christmas tree with its fresh evergreen looks, adorned with pretty little lights, ornaments and stars, is the most popular symbol associated with the Christmas celebration. Maintain this symbol with love to have a lush green Christmas.