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Read about the Christmas tree tradition and know from where this evergreen tradition started and spread. Have a read!

Christmas Tree Tradition

The ever famous and the evergreen Christmas trees have been adorning the beauty of many Christmas seasons since as long as one can remember. Whole generations have passed through in between who probably have never heard a Christmas without a Christmas tree being set up in the house and decorated with dazzling ornaments and lights. Till date, this needle like firry tree stands, not only as an integral part of the Christmas tradition, but has a symbol of an important historical era gone by. Today, although the Christmas trees that are used don't necessarily have to be traditional live trees that have been cut down, the tradition continues, and continues to flourish world over.

It all started in Germany a thousand years ago when Saint Boniface, while converting the German people to Christianity, came across a bunch of pagans worshipping an Oak tree. It is believed that in anger Saint Boniface uprooted the Oak tree, only to find a young fir tree emerging from beneath the roots, which he took as a sign of faith. However, it was only in the 16th century that the Christmas trees began to be brought inside the homes for decorative purposes around the Christmas season. The following lines will throw light on Christmas tree traditions that have long been in existence and are still held close to the heart.

Traditions of Christmas Tree