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Claus Cranberry Punch is one of the traditional Christmas recipes. Explore the article and get the instructions for making Claus Cranberry recipe.

Claus Cranberry Punch

Several kinds of delicacies are prepared in every Christian home on the occasion of Christmas. From umpteen numbers of main course meal items to desserts and from snacks to varieties of mocktails and cocktails, a Christmas feasts includes it all. In case you also want to prepare something scrumptious yet easy to make item this Christmas, we have exclusively brought for you the recipe of Claus Cranberry Punch. A wonderful drink made up of cranberries, sugar, water, cherries and lemon, Claus Cranberry Punch is extremely delicious and hardly takes few minutes to be ready to serve. Here is the recipe of the same.

Claus Cranberry Punch Recipe

Note - Serves 6 - 8